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     Pastoral Relations:  The Pastoral Relations Team for Saint Paul UCC includes Lisa Meyer, Terri Seegers, Mary Ann Laube, and Harold Hinz. Pastoral Relations fosters the health and strength of the covenantal relationship between our congregational members and pastor by acting as a sounding board for joys and concerns. Team members are called to monitor the relationship between the pastor and the congregation by meeting on a monthly basis or as needed. This is to keep the lines of communication open in our church, so any problems can be identified and resolved, and all joys celebrated!  Our approach is to encourage all members to own their feelings and words (using "I feel" or "I think"), speaking in straight lines rather than triangles of hearsay or gossip, and attribute and show kindness to one another through direct, honest communication. In this way, we will keep our church growing in fellowship and love.  The committee members will hear concerns, and are charged to encourage those with concerns to meet together with them and the pastor in safety and prayerful dialogue on any issues, big or small, to seek resolution, experiment with new approaches in worship or church life, or calling attention to something not being addressed.  Pastor Craig's door is open for direct communication, of course, but if you feel you want a larger, or more objective set of listeners to hear what you share, give the Pastoral Relations approach a try!