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Christian Education Committee

The primary purpose of the Christian Education Committee is to promote knowledge of the Bible, the stories of Jesus and faith, and knowledge of the United Church of the Christ, especially in our preschool and school-age children.

Members of the committee establish Sunday School curriculum,recruit teaching staff, and organize VBS, organize third-grade Bible recipients, and prepare for the annual Christmas pageant as well as teacher and student recognition in May. It is hoped that regular adult programming will again exist in the future.

Current members of the committee include: Jaclyn Seegers, Mysti Robbins, Jo Danielsen, Sheila Eagle, Vicki Klemp, Mandy Vervaecke, Shawn Buhrow and Sarah Dunleavy, Deb Fowler.

Sunday School News

Sunday Children’s Hour
Children’s Hour has resume at 9:00-10:00 AM.  Those who are have completed Pre-School through 5th grade are welcome to join Jo Danielsen on most Sundays.  She may occasionally be assisted by Deb Fowler or a youth assistant. On the few Sundays when choir/bell choir is rehearsing an anthem before worship (Jo’s and Deb’s participation is valued in our music ministries, too!), this younger class may be alternatively led by Vicki Henderson.