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The Women’s Fellowship is comprised of all the women of the church.
Women’s Fellowship News

Love Offering:  Love Offering envelopes may be returned to the church any time this month at the regular offering time or placed in the mailbox at the west entry.     

Women’s Fellowship

November 2014 Monthly Committee Members
*Jen Happel                                                    984-9169
*Lisa Meyer and Lila Meyer                         984-5603
Deb Fink                                                         984-6343
Donna Niemann                                            984-9178
Linda Wittenburg                                          984-6113
Diane Bonnette                                             404-0131
Colleen Pulleyblank                                      984-5357
Alicia Adams                                                  360-4264

People willing to be called as substitutes
Wilma Olson              984-5876       Diane Wikner            984-5737
Peggy Rogers            984-6243       Peg Abbas                   406-0065
Mary Ann Laube       984-5291       Brenda Beaty-Rater  984-5005
Marilyn Butler           984-5543       Velma Steege             984-5709
Kathy Meyer              984-5375       Sandy Buck                984-5123